Recover Password

To log in to the control panel of your PaybyPlateMa account, you will need to enter your credentials when you try to log in. Also, the account balance can only be viewed after logging into your PaybyPlateMa login account.


Vehicle registration is an important tool for users who want to make PaybyPlateMa payments through this login portal. EZ Drive’s MA service allows unhindered travel through Massachusetts toll plazas without slowing down, making life easier for drivers in Bay State.

If you want to make a payment on the portal, all you need to do is go to and register using a simple registration form. It is enough to meet the minimum requirements for good use of the portal and take advantage of all the services available here.

Reset PaybyPlateMa Login Password

If you forgot your login password and don’t want to train your brain unnecessarily, follow the steps below. This will help you reset your account password and then log in with the new password.

  • You can first reset your login password at the URL of
  • Bunny, do you see an option that says “Registered User”? Enable this option and click Recover Account Password.
  • A password reset page awaits you below. Here you will see two text fields asking you to enter your email address.
  • Submit the email address, confirm it, and tap Reset password.
  • A new password will be sent to your email address. You can effectively use this new password to log into your Pay By Plate MA login account.

PaybyPlateMa-Reset password

  • The services will be available to you as before.

Therefore, the PaybyPlateMa online payment account password reset process will make it clear to you that the process is extremely easy for users to follow. Be sure to generate a password that is difficult for others to guess, and easy for you to remember at the same time.