Payment Methods

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Payment Methods PaybyPlateMa

Your methods, which is the login portal offered, to qualify the user who performs the login here following you.


Manual Deposit: You can use a form of payment by mail or manual check to E-ZPass agencies. You also have an option to Deposit $ 20 into your account.

You will receive a notification of your payment as well as your payment in this login portal. Also, you will receive a notification about your balance when you are down.

Automatic Withdrawals: The portal also offers users a choice of automatic withdrawals for payments before the expiration date. Your account is semi-linked to your credit or debit card, depending on your preferences.

However, this link is by no means a dangerous portal for users. The administration team makes sure that your confidential information is extremely secure on this portal.

Cash payment: You can also top up your E-ZPass account at a self-service kiosk. You can use the MassDOT payment center to find an authorized reseller near you.